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War is old men talking and young men dying

Posted by aviel on January 8, 2009

I guess I should add innocent civilians dying as well. The truth is that war is in itself pointless and doesn’t bring anyone any good, but once started it creates its own logic.
I’m watching the pictures from Gaza and I heard about the soldiers who have died. Almost all from friendly fire, which is the most lethal kind.
Especially hard was to learn that Captain Yoni Netanel (יהי זכרו ברוך) fell in Gaza last night, an officer in my battalion. I wonder how the rest of the kids are doing and I worry about them a lot. For the truth is, they’re just kids. Kids who have yet to see the world, dream their dreams and live their lives.

And what about the Palestinians? They suffer tremendously, no doubt. The “government”, they elected that promised the destruction of Israel, brought this upon them. The very same “government” is now asking for others to step in and save it from the consequences of its actions. Just like Hassan Nasrallah confessed to have underestimated Israel’s reaction to the kidnapping of its soldiers (which triggered the Second Lebanon War), so does the Hamas leadership show all the signs of having underestimated the response to thousands of rockets over southern Israel.
I am at loss to grasp this. What reaction did they expect? After 10,000 rockets during the last 8 years and 3,000 rockets only last year they must have expected something.. I mean, there must be some logic behind their actions. Even if death is something they wish for they can’t possibly win only by dying and having everything they built up destroyed.

At second thought, they do seem to want to destroy everything. To destroy Israel, to destroy the United States and the entire Western world. Destruction has become an end to itself.
Destroying is their sense of power. When you can’t build, can’t produce, can’t accomplish anything of significance and when you’re incapable of taking responsibility – then blaming others and ultimately destroying what they have, becomes your goal.
The truth is that you never hear them talk about building or achieving. As sons of the desert they want to turn everything to a barren land where nothing can live.

This conflict will continue until the Palestinians have made up their minds what kind of society they want to build for themselves. Will it be a society based on liberty or will it be based on religion. Will it be a society that aims to build or one that aims to destroy. Until they figure that out we have no choice but to continue to fight them.

And kids just out of high school, who shoulder the enormous responsibility of safeguarding the existence of a nation, will continue to fall in battle..


One Response to “War is old men talking and young men dying”

  1. aviel said

    This post was written in the midst of Operation Cast Lead (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_War) and I was full of anger, frustration, worry and sadness at the time. It was first published as a note on Facebook where it generated a storm of comments, many of which I subsequently deleted. While many reacted positively to the main gist of my note, there was also strong reaction to the third paragraph where I disparage the present Arab world as a whole. I realize that what I wrote is offensive and not all too accurate. Especially the last sentence about being sons of the desert who want to turn everything into a barren land.
    While generalizing is almost always wrong, there can sometimes be found a grain of truth there as well. So I stand by my comment, only with the clarification that I do not include the entirety of Arab civilization in my comment, but rather the extreme Islamist ideology so prevalent in the Gaza strip and elsewhere today. Hence the fourth paragraph where I state that this is essentially a matter of choice for the Palestinians today, if they want to continue on this path of extreme ideology or embark on a path to liberty and prosperity.

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