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Tel Aviv

Posted by aviel on May 24, 2012

[Too] early this morning I went with my friend Dov to Tel Aviv. We had breakfast with some friends of his at a nice coffee shop followed by more coffee at his office, where I unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to hire me as his personal assistant. I figured I could learn about investment banking soon enough, and in the meantime I could answer the phone and and such. For some reason he didn’t seem to share my enthuasiasm.

Having given up on the idea I boarded a random bus in what I thought was the general direction of the Tel Aviv Marina. Turns out I was only half-right, but eventually I got to Dizengoff St. even without the help of Google Maps. Who would have thought that in the 21st century you would need to ask for directions?

The heat wasn’t all that bad and I really enjoyed myself. That area of Tel Aviv is truly beautiful, and just 5 minutes from the sea. I gave in to temptations a couple of times; a really good fruit shake and cold coffee, both quite expensive. Then I went for the obligatory walk to the beach. Obligatory for someone just out of the ridiculously long winter season in Sweden. And I thought to myself that yeah, I could see myself living here. Now it’s just a matter of marrying rich, I suppose. A suggestion I’ve heard repeatedly. Should I take it as a general lack of faith by people in my ability to make it here otherwise?

On my way back on the bus I kind of made a new friend. A soldier, who unasked for, gave me the wrong idea of how long it would take to get to my stop in Mevaseret. After talking a little bit he invited me over to his family for Shabbat some time and to go out with him and his friends tonight. He was really nice. When it comes to hospitality Israelis truly excel.

Anyway, I really need to find a place in Tel Aviv. I can’t imagine how you can be young and not wanting to live there, given the opportunity, and I just wrote as much on Facebook today. A friend responded that the catch is the cost of living there. Oh well, I can live on beans I suppose and turn a blind eye to all the coffee shops and restaurants. That might make it a tad difficult to start dating though, but maybe I should just ask her to to pick up the bill? 🙂

Putting the final touch on my Swedish tan. For some reason unbeknownst to me, people without sunglasses seemed to feel the need to avert their eyes.


2 Responses to “Tel Aviv”

  1. Helena said

    Haha! Du skriver så bra 😀

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