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Wine Festival

Posted by aviel on May 25, 2012

After coming back from Tel Aviv yesterday,  I went with some friends to a Wine Festival in the Botanical Garden of Jerusalem. Lots of small vineyards from the Judean Mountains display their wines, explain about the process of making them, offer courses in both producing wine and learning more in general about wine. For a modest entrance free we could walk around and try all kinds of wines; some of whom were decent, others not so good and a select few even quite good.

Actually that was getting harder and harder to tell as we made the rounds. Even a few sips at a time add up, which made it kind of confusing to remember which ones I liked and if I really liked them or wasn’t simply getting ‘drunk’ enough to enjoy pretty much everything. The place was pretty crowded and often we had to elbow our way forward and step on a few feet, but in general the atmosphere was both relaxed and pleasant. It was kind of funny at times to stand there, pretty tipsy, and try to listen to a serious explanation about the art of wine making, and how big a percentage of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon etc had been added to a certain wine. I guess it worked well enough to keep nodding while waiting expectantly for another round.


I really enjoy going to these kind of events and Jerusalem tends to offer all kinds of things. I was told that in a month or so there’s going to be a big Wine Festival, lasting for a few days and not just one evening, and I’ve already been to the annual Beer Festival a few years back, which was pretty cool as well. But it’s not all alcohol-related; I remember going to an Irish music evening in the big Theater of Jerusalem and I’m sure there are tons of things that I never hear about.

Also blurry

When we finally had our last round the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, showed up. I can’t say that I remember very much about his political ideas and I’ve no knowledge of how things have been since he was elected a few years back, but I remember that I intended to vote for him (although never had the chance). So to the extent that wine was consumed,  my sense of ‘appropriate behavior’ and politeness had left. I more or less interrupted him talking to others and asked if he would agree to take a picture with me. He was pretty nice actually; asked where I was from and welcomed me to Jerusalem. I think it’s just a matter of time before we shall become very good friends indeed! 🙂

Me and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat

When I told Orly this morning about having my picture taken with the Mayor and how I totally had to upload it to my blog, she proceeded in turn to take my picture as I was sweeping the porch with a broom this morning, while telling me that people shouldn’t get the wrong idea about my place in the social hierarchy around here, and that this picture would cancel out any such ideas before they took root. Oh well, this is the level of moral support I receive around here.


2 Responses to “Wine Festival”

  1. david said

    she does know what she is talking about that Orly.
    and more importatnly, how didn’t you tell me about this wine thingy? no beer for you!

  2. aviel said

    she does. 🙂
    but you never want to hang out, being all busy with studies! we’ll go to the next wine festival.

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