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Launching a New Website

Posted by aviel on November 1, 2014

To launch a new website you need to think about the end-product well ahead and start building it up with the end-result in mind at all times. As a SEO Project Manager I know how much extra work you can create for yourself if you don’t get it right from the beginning. As a lot of webmasters don’t know SEO, although they often think they do, the results can indeed get messy and you lose out on really valuable traffic while you’re working to fix things. I’m mostly talking about site structure, URL design, internal links and so on. Once the infrastructure is there, and is optimal, you basically only need to focus on creating good content because everything else takes care of itself.

A friend of mine just launched a website on Binary Options in Swedish. I gave some advice on the SEO aspects of the website and some suggestions for the content, but as it is a completely new site it will definitely take some time before the website starts to rank in the search engines. My advice was to focus mostly on the content, to create engaging content that could be linked to naturally, and then the links would come naturally without any need to engage in spammy link-building tactics. You can check out the website here: HandlaBinäraOptioner.se (in Swedish).

If you create a site on Binary Options, Casino, Poker, Forex or any other typical affiliate kind of website, you really need to invest in the site. There is a vast number of affiliate sites out there, but most of them are kind of crap as the typical affiliate is someone who wants to make quick money but not really work hard to do so. I think this method will work less and less well with time. Affiliates might think it means that Google is “fighting” affiliates because it wants to make more money on paid ads, which may be correct, but it pales in comparison with Google’s declared goals of “providing the best user experience possible” (See Google’s Philosophy). The sad truth is that these affiliate websites offer little of added value and they don’t really deserve to rank on money-making keywords. In order to get to the top search results the affiliates traditionally relied on spammy web tactics, such as link-building in forums and blog comments on totally unrelated websites, but increasingly this is not working anymore. Links are important to the Google algorithm, but they are certainly not everything and the factor of inbound links is loosing value for each Google update. If, on the other hand, the affiliate would focus on creating content people would link to naturally, from their own non-spammy websites, in contextual posts, it would make a huge difference in terms of traffic. Therefore, my advice to affiliates is to stop trying to out-fox Google, but rather create stuff worth sharing and linking to. That way you will never need to fear the next Google update and you will rank only if you deserve to.


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