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Anders Fahl

(in Hebrew: Aviel אביאל)

While originally from western Sweden, I’ve lived in Jerusalem, Israel, and served in the Paratroops Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces. This journey was brought about by a relentless pursuit of religion which gradually gave place to my current interest in philosophy and politics. I would imagine that what has always fascinated me is the power of ideas. While acknowledging that ideas can be a power for good, I have in my own life seen the inherent danger of them. Especially to an untrained, but open mind. Such as mine was, but hopefully is a little bit less today. For that matter, I believe that what we should fear is not being wrong as much as stagnation of thought.

This blog is simply intended to provide an outlet for my ideas, albethey far from fully developed. As such, I am not making any attempt of persuasion, but rather hoping to create a dialogue on important issues. (Ok, if you know me you aren’t going to buy into that last sentence. I know I’m right and so should you!)

Currently I’m back in Israel after having studied Political Science, Hebrew, Philosophy and Statistics at the University of Göteborg (and other universities). I received a Bachelor of Science with a major in Political Science, and as I’m now in Israel looking for a job I’ll see how much such a degree is worth here.

I can also be found on facebook and be reached at anders.fahl at gmail.com

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